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Atlanta Trained Arborists

At BAM Tree Experts, all our contractors are Atlanta trained arborists. What does that mean to you? Basically, that means that you are receiving the very best advice, knowledge, skill, and service when you need tree maintenance advice or tree maintenance. Trained arborists are highly-trained professionals who have met certain stringent safety and performance standards to qualify for the title of arborist. All arborist qualifications add up to your assurance that when you engage one of our trained arborist to care for your trees, you have hired the best of the best.

Gwinnett County Trained Arborist

Look no further than BAM Tree Experts for a trained arborist in Gwinnett County. Arborists, also known as arboriculturalists or tree surgeons, specialize in the maintenance and management of shade and ornamental trees. In general, arborists take care of the safety and health of individual trees, shrubs, vines and various perennial woody plants. Not only are these professionals trained in the care of plants, but they are also trained to work in close proximity to power wires and other obstructions that may hinder the treatment of a tree in need of special care. They know the legal parameters of what a homeowner can and cannot disturb or change on or near their property and can eliminate a lot of headaches that might occur when you trust your tree care to a non-professional.

Not only are arborists trained in the health issues of trees, but they can also help you plan your landscape design, note the ecological benefits or hazard impact particular plants or trees will have on your yard, climb trees safely, use harnesses and other equipment properly, and make use of lifts and cranes to perform tree care services.

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